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Image by Juan Rojas


PT. Marunda Jaya Inti have been trusted by famous companies in indonesa and also by goverment instances. 
Most of our client repeating their order to us, and part of them regularly ordering their needs to us.
That was a proof of client satisfication to our product and service. 

our customer-01.jpg
our customer-02.jpg
our customer-03.jpg
our customer-04.jpg
our customer-44.jpg
our customer-05.jpg
our customer-06.jpg
our customer-07.jpg
our customer-08.jpg
our customer-09.jpg
our customer-10.jpg
our customer-12.jpg
our customer-15.jpg
our customer-16.jpg
our customer-17.jpg
our customer-18.jpg
our customer-19.jpg
our customer-20.jpg
our customer-21.jpg
our customer-22.jpg
our customer-25.jpg
our customer-23.jpg
our customer-28.jpg
our customer-29.jpg
our customer-31.jpg
our customer-33.jpg
our customer-35.jpg
our customer-40.jpg
our customer-11.jpg
our customer-54.jpg
our customer-53.jpg
our customer-52.jpg
our customer-50.jpg
our customer-51.jpg
our customer-49.jpg
our customer-47.jpg
our customer-43.jpg
our customer-45.jpg
our customer-42.jpg
our customer-41.jpg
our customer-38.jpg
our customer-39.jpg
our customer-37.jpg
our customer-34.jpg
our customer-36.jpg
our customer-30.jpg
our customer-32.jpg
our customer-13.jpg

Head Office: Al-Hikmah Business Center Blok 13F, Rorotan, Cilincing - Jakarta Utara

Workshop: Jalan Akses Pertamina

Kp. Keramat Samudrajaya, Tarumaja - Bekasi

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